8 Podcasts to Listen to on Your Next Roadtrip

Have you ever gotten bored on a road trip after listening to the same music over and over again? Are you a sucker for a good podcast? If yes, then you will love these 8 podcasts to accompany you on your road trip. I have been on many road trips, including several around Australia. Throughout my travels, I have discovered many great podcasts that my whole family enjoys. These podcasts have kept me entertained for hours. Continue reading to find 8 essential podcasts to listen to on your road trip!

8 Podcasts to Listen to on Your Next Road Trip

1. Ologies by Alie Ward

Alie Ward, or Dad Ward as she is known by her fans, is a keen science fanatic and has created this amazing, educational podcast – Ologies. You may have heard of this podcast before, and if you’re not listening to it yet then take this post as your sign to start following this podcast now. Each week Ologies focuses on a new ‘Ology’ and Alie Ward interviews an expert in that field, also known as an ‘Ologist’. From vulcanology to conservation biology to mythology, this incredibly fun podcast has something for everyone. Alie Ward presents the podcast in an incredibly fun way, she is enthusiastic and she hosts each episode that’s understandable for her audience. Science is for everyone and Alie Ward makes sure of that! There is definitely a reason why I put this podcast as #1 on this list, Alie Ward is probably the best podcast host I have listened to – each episode is incredibly fun, educational, and interesting. To listen to ‘Ologies’ you will be able to find it on any podcast platform.

2. The British History Podcast

If you love British then listen to ‘The British History Podcast’ hosted by James Jeffers. Much like ‘Ologies’, this podcast is a lot of fun and very educational. The British History Podcast, or BHP, isn’t your average podcast. The host James goes into Britain’s history right from the start – the Ice Age – and is currently in the year 1050 at episode 365. If you like history but often find it’s dry and boring, then you need to listen to this podcast. Jeffers presents this podcast so that everyone can enjoy history, even the people who don’t consider themselves ‘history nerds’. With no sign of finishing the podcast soon (there is still another 1000 years of history to do), James Jeffers hosts an amazing podcast to accompany you on your road trip. Like Ologies, it’s on most podcast platforms.

3. Girl Taken

Do you like true stories filled with drama? If so, Girl Taken is a gripping story from start to finish and right for you! Hosted by BBC journalist Sue Mitchell and ex-soldier Rob Lawrie, this story follows the two hosts who investigate the story of a refugee girl who was taken from her home in the Middle East and went on a journey to western Europe. On top of that, it’s all true – Sue Mitchell and Rob Lawrie were close with the girl who was taken, making their story even more heart-warming. It may be an intense podcast but this podcast is worth listening to. With 10 episodes at approx. 40 minutes each, this show is a brilliant way to keep you going on your next road trip. 

4. Australian True Crime

For those of you that like a good crime story, then True Crime Australia is a great podcast for you. As the title suggests, the hosts Meshel Laurie and Emily Webb discuss different crimes that have taken place in Australia, but there are a few international ones as well. This podcast is not for the faint-hearted – after a few episodes, my family and I had to change to a lighter podcast on our latest road trip. I recommend reading the episode descriptions before listening in case of any content warnings. Despite the heavy content, it is an interesting podcast! With true stories from decades ago, to more modern cases, this podcast includes gripping crime storys – solved and unsolved. With 192 episodes so far, this podcast is a great show to listen to on the road.

5. Stuff the British Stole

Another podcast for the history fans, ‘Stuff the British Stole’ hosted by Marc Fennell shines a light on the darker side of British history. As the title suggests, this podcast talks about what the British Empire stole from places around the world – including a toy tiger from India, the Gweagal Shield from Australia, and much more. The host Marc Fennell takes listeners around the world to talk about the artifacts the British stole and now keeps in museums. This is a fairly new podcast so the episodes are still rolling out, but so far It is incredibly interesting and definitely worth a listen. The host presents this podcast beautifully, and deals with the issues of colonialism tastefully. If you are interested in the harsher and darker side of history, I recommend listening to this podcast.

6. Life Uncut

Now for something slightly different, Life Uncut is hosted by Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne. Have you heard of them? If so, you would remember them from Australia’s The Bachelor. If you are like me, this podcast would be the first time you’ve heard their names. I’m not a big reality TV fan and this podcast is the first show I’ve listened to that focuses on all things lifestyle. However, I loved it! With their great sense of humour, the hosts present a down to earth show about identity, relationships, life and a bunch of other stuff. With over 50 episodes, this is a great show to listen to on your next road trip with the girls.

7. Body on the Moor

Do you like True Crime? Are you looking for a podcast you can finish in one road trip? If yes, then you’ll like Body on the Moor. Jon Manel from the BBC follows the police inquiry to find out more about a body that is found on a moor in the Peak District UK. With 7 episodes that are 10 minutes each, this podcast is great if you want to finish the show before your road trip ends. Based on true events, this show is enthralling and I can’t recommend it enough! Like the other podcasts on this list, it can be found on most podcast platforms, including Spotify.

8. How to Fail with Elizabeth Day

Do you need some motivation in life? Look no further than ‘How to Fail with Elizabeth Day’, hosted by Elizabeth Day – a novelist and journalist. Each week Elizabeth Day interviews someone successful and discusses three failures in their life. This may sound like it is very unmotivating, but after each interview with a new successful person, you’ll find yourself becoming more and more inspired. From Pheobe Waller-Bridge, the writer of Fleabag, to Emma Barnett, the host of BBC 4’s Women’s Hour, this podcast has 10 seasons full of successful people talking about their failures. As a student who is starting out in life, I found this podcast incredible and deeply moving. I highly recommend listening to this podcast.

So there’s my top 8 podcasts to listen to while you’re on the road. Whether you like history, true crime, lifestyle, or something else, I hope this list has a few podcasts you will listen to when you go off on your next trip. I love to travel, but sometimes sitting in a car for hours and hours can get really draining. With these 8 podcasts, I can survive any long day on the road. If you have any other recommendations, I would love to hear them, so please comment below with your favourite podcasts!

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